CFP: Women’s Studies Quarterly Fashion Issue

Call for Papers: Women’s Studies Quarterly Fashion Issue
Article submission deadline is March 15, 2012

A thorough study of the history of fashion in its symbolic, creative and coercive faces shows how it has been crucial in the construction of national identities in fascist regimes or in processes of decolonization, such as in India, or in the remapping of the world economy, including China, India and Brazil. Fashion is closely tied to industrial, technological and economic developments and is at the center of cultural activity and change. In today’s globalized world, the fashion and textile industry are key factors to understand the profound transformations occurring in cities, nations and regions the world over.

Is fashion a women’s issue? Inherently gendered, based on female bodily display, taking fashion seriously demands exploring the limits of gender and embodiment. Pushing that envelope reveals how fashion can question pre-established notions of gender, aesthetics and behavior. How do we understand masculinity in relation to dress and fashion? WSQ invites exploration of fashion, clothing and adornment through plays of androgyny, from dandyism to lesbian chic. Seeing through clothes to the politics of power they materialize draws fashion into debates concerning identity, selfhood, sustainability, subjectivity, representation, and virtuality. How does the fashioned body trouble the boundaries between lived and represented, driving toward new phenomenological conceptions? How do the globe spanning trends of fashion reshape experiences of self and locale, and bring new relations of time and space? How has fashion in the blogosphere affected technologies of self, and produced new relations between bodies and city-scapes all over the world? How does fashion mediate the body? How do these mediations feed through text, film, the Internet and beyond?

WSQ invites a rethinking of the traditional organization of disciplines within the social sciences and the humanities to include the impact of fashion within their contexts and welcome academic papers from a wide range of approaches, including theory, empirical research, literature, art, history, design, media and film studies, cultural studies, performance studies, women’s and gender studies, psychology, sociology, semiotics, and anthropology, as well as creative prose, poetry, artwork, memoir and biography.

Article submissions are due by March 15, 2012. The full call for papers and submission instructions are available here: CFP: Women’s Studies Quarterly Fashion Issue

Eugenia Paulicelli and Betsy Wissinger
Guest Editors of Fashion Issue
WSQ at the Feminist Press
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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