Fashion Bytes — Museum Competition for Fashion Acquisitions

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The Financial Times recently reported that due to an increase in the number of fashion museums, the competition for fashion and textiles pieces at auction and from private collections has risen radically. From burqas for Powerhouse Museum’s upcoming Faith Fashion Fusion exhibit to the Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier bra (pictured above), the demand for garments from museums has driven both prices and competition up.

Fashion Bytes has previously reported on the $75,000 Zoot Suit auction, and the increase in museums acquiring pieces straight off the runway. There have also been a number of fashion houses opening their own museums, such as Gucci’s; or even virtual museums, such as Valentino’s.

What are your opinions on the Financial Times article? Is this increased prevalence of fashion in museums a good thing or a bad thing? Does whether it is good or bad depend on the museum, the display, and/or the objects purchased? Are more fashion museums opening up, or more museums creating or increasing fashion collections? What impact do you think this will have on museum attendance in an economy that has not been kind to the arts? Do you foresee these increases as being of use to fashion students and professors?

Please share your thoughts.

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