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The New York Times recently ran a piece about ‘Creating Museum Pieces Straight Off the Catwalk‘. The piece is mostly a biographical piece on shoe designer Sultan Darmaki, but it does discuss the acquisition of Darmaki’s ‘Lydia’ shoe from his first ever collection by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, as well as his recent involvement with an exhibition at Abu Dhabi Art.

Fashion Bytes has previous discussed the cross over from design world to museum collection, and particularly Rodarte’s creating custom-made pieces exclusively for museums. There is also the McQueen Peacock dress, a version of which was made specially for FIDM and is currently on display at their FABULOUS! exhibit.

What are your opinions regarding the acquisition of current pieces of fashion for museums? Is it equivalent to the acquisitions of the most recent paintings and sculptures? Is the sudden increase in reporting simply that the public is finally noticing, or has there actually been an increase in museums acquiring current pieces? Is the NYT piece continuing stereotypes about the Middle East with its emphasis on Darmaki’s ‘uniqueness’ in Abu Dhabi, and his grandmother’s bedouin clothing? Or is it simply reporting on his background? Do you have any current or custom-made pieces in your own museum’s collection?

Please share your thoughts.

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