In Search of Anarchists of Style

Monica and I are working together to relaunch the “Anarchists of Style” column.

I’m currently compiling a list of possible subjects and hoping you will pass on some of your favorites for possible inclusion. Basically, we are looking for 20th century iconoclasts of dress. Artists, writers, activists…truly anyone, even perhaps, the guy down your block who only wears purple, all day every day.

Think characters with sartorial swagger. Those who adopt a trademark look to promote a message or a purpose.

We’d love to have your thoughts! Post them here or send directly to me at

Some of those we’ve featured in the past include:

-The artist Vali Meyers
-The writer Claude Calhoun
-The inimitable Anita Berber
-Tightrope walker Barbette
-And, bless him, Quentin Crisp


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