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Jeans have become ubiquitous. Once exclusively workwear for those who did manual labour, they now seem to not only be keeping many designers in business, but also bespoke tailors. A few weeks ago Raquel Laneri of Forbes wrote about the market for custom jeans (complete with video), a market where those who can afford to spend $1500 on denim can have their jeans custom designed and fit to their bodies.

In a more recent interview with Frank Pizzurro, the owner of Brooklyn Denim Company in Williamsburg, Pizzurro (who says that he has never designed jeans before) is looking at expanding his business into design, and that he sees customers turning away from “heritage” jeans. According to him, this is a good thing.

What are your thoughts? Are custom jeans simply another case of conspicuous consumption, or is it keeping the skills of bespoke tailoring alive in a new and creative way? Would you ever pay for custom jeans? Do you know anyone who has, and was it worth it? Is Pizzurro correct that a turn away from “heritage” denim is a good thing?

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