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The Daily Telegraph reported on 4 October that two investors had purchased the fifty-year-old Courrèges design house, whose founder, Andre Courrèges, claimed to have invented and popularised the miniskirt in the 1960s.  As related at The High Low, unlike the recent purchase and revival of Mugler which brought in a completely new look and the patronage of Lady Gaga, the revival of Courrèges is celebrating the house’s history and popularising its archives.

This is in a similar vein to the Pringle project reported here three months ago, which brought in students, former patrons, and those patrons’ vintage pieces to revive the line through a new collection.

The High Low mentions that perhaps the decision to focus on the brand’s history was influenced by the new owners’ having purchased the house directly from Andre Courrèges and his wife, and dealing with them personally throughout the entire process.

What are your opinions on the revamping of old lines? Should they be done completely afresh like Mugler, or should they put their archives and history to good use as Pringle and Courrèges seem to be doing? Is this a new and innovative way to teach fashion history? Have you heard of any other brands doing similar projects? Have they succeeded or failed? Do you think that completely remaking a design house’s aesthetic is simply in keeping with fashion and moving forward?

Please share your thoughts.


Special thanks to Amber Greviskes.

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