CFP: Fashion Tales

CFP: Fashion Tales
International Conference
Milan, June 7-9 2012
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

All those wishing to present a paper at the conference must submit electronically, using the web-based submission form, an abstract of maximum 350 words and a 120 words profile of each author (included affiliation and 2 main publications) in English by November 30, 2011.

Modacult is an academic research centre that has tried since its inception to propitiate dialogue and to compare the languages and expertise of the different fashion professionals, both by organizing interdisciplinary conferences and promoting ethnographic research. Today we invite scholars, curators, media and consultancy professionals, as well as fashion designers and business people, to share  meanings, images and methodologies used in the production of fashion tales.

The conference will aim to:
• Elucidate how the materiality of fashion is translated into its different representations both at the discursive and visual level.
• Compare and connect methodologies used in the wide field of Fashion Studies and in professional fashion discourses.
• Reflect on the difficulties coming out of a multidisciplinary field of research and consultancy.
• Create a public and critical forum where independent discourses on fashion, free from business pressure, could develop thanks to the contribution of all professionals working in the fashion world

Acceptable sub fields include:
• Visual methodologies for fashion studies: how to use images and video in fashion research and communication.
• Fashion languages and linguistic codes: how to develop a new language for writing and talking fashion.
• Fashion houses: how to study and narrate the living culture of the fashion houses, which is an important part of the cultural capital so secretly treasured and guarded by companies.
• From market research to culture listening: how to go beyond the rough polls and develop an ethnographic understanding of consumers’ practices.
• Fashion blogging and social network: How to promote new fashion communication patterns (top down, bottom up, peer to peer) through web 2.0 and 3.0. How to contribute through them to the construction of new fashion discourses.
• Living fashion vs museum pieces: How to exhibit fashion in museums and in private and public collections without wasting its essential dynamism.
• Ethical and critical fashion: sustainability has become the password of the up-to-date discourse about fashion. How to reconcile advertising and information, engagement and glamour in the relationship between the companies and the consumers..

The conference will be organized with plenary sessions every day and many parallel sessions. The Scientific Committee encourage and welcome session proposals.

The official language of the conference will be English.

Please find further information and submission details here.

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