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It’s been a hectic time lately around Worn Through, with all of our contributors and intern busy at a million projects in our field. First I wanted to mention that Kelly and Kat are moving on to other exciting projects and packed teaching schedules, so they’ll no longer be writing for the blog, although their old posts are still live, as are all of WT’s former contributors, guests, and interns. We’re considering bringing on a few new people in the new year, and are especially considering adding some (1 or 2) educators and students to write about teaching and studying experiences. Those are currently what I see as the biggest voids on the blog at this time. I’m open to discussion on this if you’d like to drop me a line….

Our current crew is an active bunch who are (at times slavishly) working away on jobs, research projects, presentations, publications, guest lectures, and of course lovely lives outside of the rat race. I used to write a monthly “what we’re up to” piece, but even my own busy schedule because such that it didn’t always happen regularly. However, I thought it’d be nice to update readers on what some of the Worn Through team has been up to lately, as it gives you a better feel for who we are, what kind of work influences our posts, and where to find us beyond the blog.

Below is what we’re up to lately:

I’m (Monica) running in ten different directions as per usual. Although, also, as per usual, I’m having fun doing it. Recently my two most pressing items have been professor job apps for Fall 2012, and, conitnuing to work on my book, “Punk Style” for Berg. Actually, I should say my most pressing work is my now-toddler who is a whirlwind of energy, so I am thrilled to say that somehow between bouts of chasing him I did manage to publish a new co-authored article in the current issue of the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management entitled “Men at Work: Communicating Identities.” I’ve also completed a co-authored article from my dissertation on appearance labor/punk dress in the workplace that is being reviewed by a journal at this time.

Tove is presenting “Steal This Style: Yippie Political Fashions!” at Fordham’s The Art of Outrage: Politics & Art symposium (October, 2011). She is also set to guest lecture “Social Commentary in Surrealist Fashion” for an Art History course at LIM College. For publications, Tove’s essay “Street Style of Kirchner’s Street Walkers, Berlin 1913 – 1915” is in the upcoming Yale University Press publication of The Urban Catwalk. She also is a new Board Member for the Costume Society of America.

Jenna is currently a Curatorial Assistant for the exhibition The Eye Has To Travel about the life and work of Diana Vreeland (Palazzo Fortuny, 2012). She will be presenting her MA thesis, “Satirical/Sartorial: Fashion Cartoons in the New Yorker Magazine,” at Brighton University’s Developments in Dress History conference. Her particular focus at the conference will be regarding how her research was inspired by the publications and exhibitions of Lou Taylor.

Brenna is presenting her first public paper at Brighton University’s Developments in Dress History conference. We’re excited to have two contributors there! Brenna has also recently started working in an assistant role at a yarn and fiber dyeing studio.

Mellissa is active guest lecturing. She’ll speak on global dress and textiles for FIT design students, as well as guest critiquing their final projects inspired by her lecture. She is also presenting a lecture at FIT titled “Dress and Textiles in World Cultures”. This object-based lecture will involve students looking at antique clothing and textile pieces as design inspiration. Mellissa also continues working at the textile archive and interning in the costume collection at the Museum of the City of New York.

Our intern Ashley recently published her first article in the magazine Address. Her piece, entitled “Myths of a Bride in White” explored the sartorial choices brides make at same sex weddings. Ashley also continued her MA dissertation research and wrote about unnamed high street fashion designers as important forces in shaping British fashion in an article called “The Next: British Fashion Designer” for Issue #4 of Pigeons and Peacocks magazine. She is finishing a short essay about the robe de style to accompany an illustration of the dress for an upcoming issue of DASH Magazine.

Lisa (contributor) and Tanya (intern) are both also working away on varied research projects, industry gigs, and academic endeavors, and check out their bios on the home page for more details about their areas of specialization.

Feel free to drop me a line to pass along to anyone on our team if you’d like to discuss our work. And we’d love to hear what you’re working on….perhaps the next update will be a “reader’s spotlight” if I get enough emails/comments.

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