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In April, as previously reported here on Fashion Bytes, France passed its infamous ‘burqa ban’ into law.  This past week, The Guardian reported that a judge in Meaux has fined two women for wearing the niqab. It is the first official sanction since the law went into effect.  More than ninety women have been “stopped by the police”, but until now, no judiciary action had been taken. What is most alarming is that the worst abuse is coming not from police officers or judges, but from ordinary citizens.  The Guardian also relates that since the ban in April, Muslim women have been harrassed, bullied, and even physically assaulted if they leave their homes wearing a veil. This treatment places these women under de facto house arrest if they want to maintain their modesty in accordance with their religious views without being attacked.

The lawyer for the two women who have been fined says she plans to appeal the ruling in both the French Supreme Court and the European court, arguing that the entire law violates the statutes of European Union human rights legislation.

Monica previously wrote about the brutal attack on fashion innovator, Philip Sallon, for no other reason than his appearance.  It seems as though the French government has made it legal to attack the women, and the women only, of a particular religion, because their appearance is so instantly recognizable.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you know of any other group being singled out for discrimination in dress? Are there any historical parallels you see and would like to share?

Please share your thoughts.


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  • Solange October 02, 2011 02.11 am

    Sadly in the past, evil Islamist men have dressed as women and hidden explosives under women’s robes.

    Before 9-11 and the incessant Islamist violence against Western targets, nobody cared if Muslim women wanted to wear veils. Circumstances have changed, and THE ISLAMISTS’ ARE THE INSTRUMENTS OF THAT CHANGE, not westerners.

    The filthy, hate-driven violence of the Islamists’ spoiled lots of things for lots of people. As another example, I hate getting searched just to get on a plane to go see my sister.

    The world is going nuts, and jihadi hate is the engine driving it.

    It isn’t fair to trivialize the root cause by divorcing this aspect from the greater situation and trying to twist it into a woman’s issue, let alone make it seem like we westerners are all hatemongers.

    Consider a truly unfair Muslim women’s issue that I am lividly angry about. Female genital mutilation. Foe example, virtually every female in Egypt has been mutilated. I’d like to stop THAT.

    The truth is, it is Islamic culture that treats women like garbage, not Western society.


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