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Amidst the pomp and hype of New York Fashion Week, Missoni’s new line for Target was launched, and the demand for the product was so high that it crashed Target’s website, stores were emptied of all stock in a matter of minutes, and customers could be seen queueing for obscene lengths of time just to enter the stores.  USA Today reported the event as proof that consumers still crave luxury products. The New York Times seemed to be suggesting it was just another major fashion house capitalizing on the fast fashion craze.

There have been reports that the demand for fast, cheap clothes will be harder and harder to meet with the rising costs of not only cotton but transportation from their manufacturing facilities to the various retailers. This seems in complete contrast with the New York Times reports of Bergdorf Goodman’s collaboration with Jason Wu not only to livestream his collection, but to enable viewers to essentially purchase the latest designs straight off the runway.  Admittedly, this is high fashion, not fast fashion, but the demand to have the latest updates not only on news but to one’s wardrobe so immediately brings to mind Carrie Fisher’s quote: “Instant gratification takes too long”.

What is your opinion on the topic? Is the Missoni/Target line simply another major fashion house dabbling in fast fashion, or is it proof that shoppers still long for quality and luxury, but can’t afford “the real thing”? Is fast fashion declining in popularity, or increasing?

Please share your thoughts.

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  • Julia Bloodgood September 21, 2011 08.48 am

    Firstly, I do not think Missoni is all that attractive. I guess it’s a love it or hate it design aesthetic.

    Now on to the real story – Shoppers purchasing items for resale. At my local Target in Connecticut the staff told me the line, before opening, was longer than black Friday. I was told people were just grabbing for anything they could resell. No one was trying anything on. Obviously there were people there to purchase for themselves, but not many, according to the staff. The store was bare by the next day. Only 3 comforter sets remained (Maybe because they were so expensive.)

    Can anyone say Missoni is that popular with the masses? Did Target just advertise really well? Or was it just a case of resale fever?

    I believe designer “fast fashion” is on the verge of being over. There are to many designer collaborations, and the consumer is going to become immune to the hype. Besides, the quality is not that good! Yuck, scratchy polyester.



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