Summer Videos: Civil War Dress

Here’s another clip to entertain you in these last gasps of summer vacay. Come fall much of the Worn Through team will be back to schools, engage in new projects, and keeping busy as always.

Don’t forget to send us links of videos you think readers would love to see.

For whatever reason, I decided this week to try to find videos of civil war costumes, specifically reenactors. InternTanya and I scoured YouTube and both found very little in the way of decent videos that are well made, educational, and with strong visuals. So, those of you who study that era, please consider making some videos!

Nonetheless, we both decided this seemingly DIY video about the clothing worn by children, and a little by their mothers, is the best video available. The start is a bit painfully long, but if you skip ahead or bear through it you’ll find this to be a fascinating look into how American children’s clothing has evolved. As a new mom myself, and having spent yesterday racking up my visa using an expiring babyGap coupon, I found this video to be quite thoughtful.

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