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“We use clothing to conceal our bodies, but also to obscure and protect our individual personalities… While simultaneously, we use the exterior layer of clothing to project our public personality to society.”Karen LaMonte

Glass sculptor Karen LaMonte has a new exhibition, Kimono: Karen LaMonte and Prints of the Floating World at the New Mexico Museum of Art, open through 6 November.  Aside from the superb and awe-inspiring techniques used by LaMonte and her team to create the sculptures, the inspiration behind it and the themes of the exhibit are extremely poignant.  According to LaMonte, clothing is an unspoken language, and as her quote above indicates, it says much.

Her choice of glass strikes me as similar to Isabelle de Borchgrave’s choice of paper for her creations, which were featured in the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s Pulp Fashion, and discussed here when it opened.  Heather mentioned that the ephemeral nature of the material of de Borchgrave’s creations were similar to the ephemeral nature of fashion itself; while glass is not biodegradable it is certainly fragile, and not necessarily permanent as a result. This is equally a reflection of the brevity and impermanence of human life as it is of clothing, which as we all know frequently outlives its original wearer.

It seems that not just fashion exhibits, but exhibits which use fashion as a metaphor for various aspects of the human condition are increasing in popularity.

What are your thoughts on LaMonte’s work? Have any of you seen the exhibit? How do you feel about her theories regarding clothing?

Please share your thoughts.

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