Worn Through’s 4th Anniversary!

We at Worn Through are thrilled that our 4th Anniversary is here!

I cannot believe how this project has expanded from the individual endeavor I embarked on, and now has developed into such a lively, collaborative community of fashion & design thinkers.

When these birthdays come along, I always like to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and how we can grow. As promised, a re-design is coming at some point, but for now we’ve been focused on saying goodbye to long-time contributors who are moving on, like our historian/book review champ (as well our most senior contributor)Heather, or taking a hiatus, like our teacher/interviewer extraodinaire Lauren. Best wishes to both of them on their upcoming endeavors. Thank you to Ellen too, who wrote some fab teaching pieces for us this year and has also moved on.

Our other new contributors are Lisa, writing about film and fashion anarchists, Kelly, writing about teaching adventures, and Jenna covering the UK scene. They’ve also added valuable insights to the mix and I look forward to their upcoming posts.

And staying strong as pillars of our lil’ community were Tove with her always popular cultural commentaries and Kat with her helpful call for papers and grad school profiles.

This year has also brought on board Brenna and Mellissa, who were star interns and now have shifted into vibrant contributors, and made room for new interns Ashley and Tanya.

I (Monica) been trying to write and do interviews here and there as well, and keep all the blog’s wheels turning, which has been a bit of a challenge for my full attention as this year brought great changes to my life with the birth of my first child and the completion of my PhD (yep-within months of each other…whew…I’m tired!). More than ever, this year I’ve been so glad to have such an awesome team to all work together on keeping Worn Through moving forward!

As we look forward to a new year of topics to post on, we thought it’d be a good idea to also look back at material we’ve covered. So, for year 4 we’ll be bringing you posts “From The Archive” and revisiting those that were thoughtful, helpful, popular, controversial, under-rated, or simply fun! Look for those on a regular basis.

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, and we absolutely love to hear from you via comments, facebook, Twitter, and personal emails. Now on to another great year….

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