Call for Entries: 2nd Special issue on Fast Fashion


Special issue call for papers from Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management

Fast fashion or focus on speed to market and demand responsiveness are now considered the norm in the fashion sector. Indeed, in the UK the vast majority of fashion retailers have adopted business strategies aimed at reducing their lead times to be responsive to consumer demand and providing newness with in season collections. The first ‘fast fashion’ special edition of the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management was published in 2006 at a time when the industry was in the infancy of their strategic response to the concept and, in academic terms, fast fashion was considered to be something of a new approach to the manufacture, supply and retail of fashion apparel in the UK. The importance of fast fashion to the modern industry and interest shown from academia are reflected in the download statistics of the first special edition, showing that it has been one of the most downloaded editions in the Journal’s history and furthermore, downloads have increased over the last few years, highlighting the continued and growing interest in the subject. The focus of fast fashion from both industry and academia has tended to focus on supply chain strategies, but as fast fashion has evolved it is clear that fast fashion encompasses all aspects of fashion retail marketing, from manufacture through the supply chain and including the consumer facing activities of the business, in particular how fast fashion is being used as a marketing communications tool. Furthermore, in an era of global recession accompanied by growing concern for the provenance of our fashion goods, there is debate about the place and future of fast fashion in the marketplace.

In light of the importance, interest and current issues relating to fast fashion, this special edition of the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management is dedicated to the dissemination of current thinking on fast fashion, in particular now we have moved from the ‘introduction’ phase to the ‘consolidation’ phase of fast fashion. Papers based on the latest empirical research or case studies related to fast fashion, which make a significant contribution to current understanding, are invited. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Fast fashion and marketing communication
• Supply chain management/logistics strategies
• Ethical considerations in fast fashion
• Sustainability issues
• Product design/product development
• Fast fashion case studies
• Fast fashion in the branded fashion sector
• Luxury brand response to fast fashion
• The role of social and other media in influencing demand
• Manufacturing issues

Manuscript Preparation & Submission
Authors must use the ‘Instructions to Authors’ issued by the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management. Enquiries should be directed to the guest editors.

Publication Schedule
Manuscript submission deadline  – 28th October 2011

Special Issue Co-Editors

Dr Liz Barnes
University of Manchester

Mrs Gaynor Lea-Greenwood
Manchester Metropolitan University

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