Teaching Fashion: Off-Figure Fashion Styling Assignment

There was a great response to my last post on teaching fashion styling.  So, I’d like to share a recent assignment with you.

Off-figure styling is styling of fashion goods, just not on a person.  Anyone that has experience with this will testify that off-figure styling is much harder than on-figure styling.  Off-figure styling is widely used in catalogs, websites, and magazines.  The major types of off-figure styling are: lay-down, stacks, hanging, wall, and mannequin.

My students were assigned to create two or more of these types of off-figure styling during an hour of class time.  I provided materials—batting, felt, t-pins, quilting pins, packing paper, dress-forms, hanging racks, tack board, sticky tabs.  They provided clothes, accessories, scissors, and hangers.  They worked in teams of three.   All had a FABULOUS time!

Lay-down styling. Simply, clothes and accessories are arranged flat on the floor for the photograph.

Stacks. Clothing is stacked—typically in a folded state, but I’ve also seen rolled.

Hanging. Typically, garments hanging from a rack.  Choice of hanger is very important to conveying the right image.  Also, keeping the hangers from moving can be a real trick!

Wall. Clothing is styled by pinning to a wall.  It is similar to lay-down styling, but can give the clothes a more life-like appearance.

Mannequin. Clothing and accessories are displayed on some type of body form.

Off-figure styling is a great skill for students to develop.  Even if a model is not available, students can document their clothing designs.  Off-figure styling is also a great skill for merchandise presentations. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my classroom.

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  • Michelle March 25, 2011 09.40 am

    This is great Ellen! I love your blog name too.

  • John March 29, 2011 09.54 am

    This post and the previous ones are great inspiration for teachers. Thank you for sharing ;o)


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