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By now everyone has heard about the massive 8.9 Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan on Friday, March 11 and the subsequent tsunami and nuclear reactor disasters.

Almost immediately, worldwide aid campaigns were organized, many of them quite creative: from the use of traditional origami cranes as a fund & awareness raiser, to Sony’s Playstation reaching out to its customers for donations.  And many more.

The fashion and costume worlds are not standing idly by either.  The Japanese company Uniqlo donated $17 million for relief efforts.  Forever 21 followed suit, donating $2 million, and the rest of the fashion world joined in with their own new and creative efforts to help.

Special thanks to Mellissa for her help with this post.

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  • Brenna March 23, 2011 08.18 pm

    Worn Through reader, Margaret, has shared some more links with us about the ways people are finding to get aid to Japan!

    The High Low shared the name of major fashion players — from GAP to Coach to Alexis Bittar — working to get clothes and supplies as well as financial support to Japan:

    And The Next shared with its readers different products they could purchase, the proceeds of which would get money to those affected:

    Thanks, Margaret!


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