Editor’s Monthly Review-February

This is my first go ’round of a monthly re-cap, rather than the weekly posts I had been doing previously. Below are the latest happenings.

Worn Through news: It’s been a good start of the year for Worn Through, with all of our contributors working away on tons of great projects. We’re receiving a lot more comments and response on the blog itself, as well as via facebook and Twitter, and we encourage you to also chime in with your thoughts on the posts. Even just a “like” on facebook let’s us know we’re on the right track. And of course, we’re open to criticism as well, as that helps us better shape what you’re wanting to get out of your time spent reading.

We’re going to start doing some collaborative work with more blogs/magazines possibly sharing writers or posts to join hands when possible and disseminate the most information throughout our community. More on that asap. On a related note, we’re still always open to those who’d like to advertise with us, and promote what is happening at your institution. Get in touch if that is something you’d like to pursue.

Soon we’ll be wanting to bring on a new intern to help with weekly list-type posts and a few other new projects, as well as helping contributors with research and helping me with some blog behind the scenes. If that interests you send me your resume. I’m not bringing anyone on immediately, but by March I’d probably like someone to start and we typically are having people intern for about 2 semesters or even 1 calendar year. as you can see, we already have 3 interns, and believe it or not there is so much going on with WT that we can always use another set of hands!

Personal news: Things for me have been busy as per usual. I’m tiring of saying that constantly but rarely do they seem to ease up. I realize this schedule is somewhat of my own making, and so I’ve finally started saying “no” to new projects. Bummer. I love a good opportunity, but came to feel that I could not give my all to everything I was committing to, and it was better to not bring on board new things when I’m just keeping my head above water with commitments I already have (plus a baby).

Projects are moving along though, and the piece Lauren and I put together on a punk color palette has been accepted for publication as a chapter of a book, however the deadline is tight so we’re going to be working at a rapid fire pace to try to meet it.

I’m also prepping to teach an all online course on Dress and Culture for Central Michigan University starting in early March. The course is pre-fab, so there wasn’t much content to prep, but it’s surprising how long it takes to get those online shells properly built. Even though it’s a pre-fab course, I’m still excited to teach the material and it is 100% up my alley and I SOOOO look forward to working with students again as it’s been a year since I’ve taught and I really miss it. I’ll let you know how that goes.

General news: Our intern Brenna helped me gather a ton of tidbits from the news in recent weeks to share with you. Rather than discuss one or two in depth as I sometimes do, this time I just want to fly through a larger number of links of interest….

    Kenneth Cole is taking heat (rightly so) for using the hashtag #Cairo to promote his brand in the midst of this political and social time of upheaval.

    There is some new chatter about Jackie’s famous pink suit from Dallas and the missing pillbox hat.

    Style and the world of dance are all the talk lately with Black Swan being a sensation. Here are a few links to some good posts….Irenebrination; 1972 Project, and Stylecaster.

    Last, but certainly not least, The Met is going through growth and will renovate soon in a major way.

Until next time. Have a great month!

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