NEH Seminar: Production and Consumption in World History, 1450-1914

Production and Consumption in World History, 1450-1914
2011 NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers
June 27–July 22, 2011 at UC Santa Cruz
Directed by Edmund Burke III

The summer seminar on “Production and Consumption in World History” provides new ways for teachers and students to grasp how the world was made and remade, and the role of the producers and consumers in this process of construction. It calls upon them to look at the past from unfamiliar angles, and to think through the logic of how connections developed, changed and were sustained over time.

Using a variety of different materials – art history, material objects, histories of production and work, as well as of consumption and fashion, micro-histories and global histories – our seminar will explore the making of the modern world from the bottom up. By linking the biographies of commodities, what Arjun Appadurai has called “the social life of things”, with the “social biographies” of ordinary, and sometimes not so ordinary, people, we can capture the sweep of the world economy, while also putting people in the center of the lens.

Participants in the four-week seminar are awarded a $3,300 stipend, which is meant to cover travel to and from the project location, housing and food costs during the seminar.

For further information about the seminar and the application process, click here.

Completed applications are required to be submitted electronically as a .pdf file by 5 pm March 1, 2011 to Please direct any and all questions to  Seminar staff can be reached at 831-459-3527 or by email at

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  • Kelly January 31, 2011 07.16 am

    Kat, do you know if this is open to University Instructors or is it focused more on high school teachers, sounds great-thanks!

  • Monica Sklar January 31, 2011 10.31 am

    Generally we just repost CFPs we find or are made aware of, so unfortunately we don’t always know al the details. You’ll want to contact the conference organizers to find out more about whether it’ll be a good fit for University educators. Best of luck.


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