Knitting for Charities

As a crafty person, I generally make the gifts I give during the holiday season. They are inevitably small projects — knit gloves, a hat, etc. — but they’re made to the specific tastes of the recipients, and I think the effort exerted is appreciated in a way that’s simply impossible to mimic with store bought purchases.

Now that the stress of the big gift-giving holidays is behind us, many of us have more time on our hands, and it’s almost a let-down not to have a project (or 5!). For the crafters out there, may I suggest a knitting / crocheting charity? There are many out there that gratefully accept practical knit goods like hats, afghans, sweaters, scarves and gloves, and also soft toys, and which benefit the incarcerated, the infirm, the terminally ill, orphans, the homeless, troops abroad, and more. Knitting and crocheting can be a soothing, satisfying, and challenging adventure for yarn lovers of all skill levels, and many charities have local crafting groups that would connect you with other socially minded crafters / fashion people. I encourage you to check out these sites to find an outlet for your good will, as well as your textile creativity!

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  • Erin Smith May 19, 2012 04.50 pm

    Funny, I was just thinking about an outlet for my knitted and crocheted things. I was asking my mother if there was still some place to give items like these too, and she thought not in our area, maybe in a bigger town.
    Thank you for posting this!


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