Editor’s Week in Review Jan 15

I’ve decided after doing this for about two months now that the Editor’s notes would be better as a monthly recap instead of weekly. Then I can include more info each each note without being so repetitive, and, it leaves me more time to work on other types of posts as well. So, after this week, you’ll start seeing them the first Friday of each month.

Here’s a recap of this week’s happenings:

    Worn Through News: We’re excited to have a new intern, Ariel, starting asap, and may need to bring on more. I’ll let you know very soon as I know there was a nice amount of feedback when we posted a call for interns previously. There’s just so many fun projects we’re working on. Look for 2011 to have a lot more book give-aways which is a project the interns are going to run. Plus they’ll be helping with the growth of of research posts, including those from Kat on grad schools, Heather on history, Ellen on teaching, and Lauren‘s interviews.

    Personal News: As mentioned above, I’m switching this regular piece to monthly instead of weekly. The week’s swirl by so fast as I’m chasing my infant around who is now mobile (yikes!). I’m really wanting to post my dissertation defense PowerPoint, a new Rat Race grad school post (I want to talk about how to choose your research), and get some more interviews going. However balancing everything in one’s personal life and professional ife is a challenge, and although I feel mostly on top of everything admitedly each hour, or more realistically, each fleeting minute, of free time is carefully considered and sometimes things just have to wait. Actually, balancing personal and professional life is something I’ve talked about in previous Rat Race posts, but will continue to discuss. The interns will help me get a few more of these posts live.

    All this busy schedule aside, I will say I’m excited that this week I’ve prepared another application for an Assistant Professor position, and we’ve completed and submitted our portion on Black Leather Jackets for the Encyclopedia of World Dress (Berg). I’ve also spent the week assessing where the research voids are for my book on punk style. Lately I’ve been gathering all the pieces I’ve ever written on punk, and related subculture pieces, and upon looking through them earlier this week by week’s end I was at work finding ways to fill the voids. So, I’m stoked that I’ve got a few interviews lined up even though it is not an interview book per se, however sometimes only through others’ anecdotes and their research can you find out what you’re missing. When it comes to subcultural history and cultural commentary it simply isn’t all written down (yet?), and I feel like an urban explorer at times–even though it seems like something such as punk has become everywhere. More to come on how those projects are going…

More to come the first Friday in Feb!

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  • Katy January 16, 2011 12.34 pm

    As some one who will (hopefully) begin graduate school next year and has no idea where to start when it comes to choosing a masters thesis topic, I would definitely appreciate a post on how to choose your research!!!

  • Monica Sklar January 16, 2011 12.40 pm

    This may take me a couple weeks to get up, so feel free to just email me any specific questions and I can try to help.


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