I’m happy to announce the winner of our Book Giveaway Contest: Congratulations to Lyn FitzGerald, whose winning jewelry story is reproduced below (her cameo is pictured above). We’ll be sending Lyn a copy of Paul Flato: Jeweler to the Stars.

“I have a cameo brooch that my aunt bought in Italy in the 60s. When I was a kid in the 70s, I liked it so much that my aunt said I could have it when I was older. Being a dorky little kid, I pinned it to an envelope and wrote a note on it s…aying that my aunt was going to give this to me! A few years later my aunt’s house was broken into. All of her jewelry was taken except this cameo. She found it, still attached to my note, on the floor in the middle of her bedroom. I think the thieves saw my note in a child’s handwriting and left it for me. I still have that brooch and still think about how fortunate I am to have it. My aunt turns 80 next month and when she comes to visit for Christmas I think I’ll wear the brooch.”
Thanks to all those who entered, and to Worn Through interns Brenna and Melissa for choosing the winner!

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