Editor’s Week in Review Dec 3

I don’t have too much to report this week. But I will touch on a few things that have come across my desk:

    Personal news-Well it’s totally official, I have a PhD in Design. I mentioned last week that everything was getting all set, and this week I received notification from the University that I’m completely done. It hasn’t really sunk in yet, in part because I’m still working on lots of solo and team projects related to things I’ve done throughout my doctoral work. But getting the actual degree done is very exciting and I’m considering all sorts of fun ways to celebrate. WIth an infant I’m not sure that tropical vacation that I have in mind will work out, but maybe….Yay!

    Worn Through news-Lots of comments on the blog this week. We love it!! The book giveaway has generated some touching stories about readers’ relationship to their jewelry and I’d encourage you to participate in the conversation.

Well I know that was brief but like I said, sort of quiet week. I think the only interesting thing I saw in the media this week was Conan wearing jeggings. Wow!
Anyway, more substance next week for sure.

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  • Jenna December 05, 2010 08.16 am

    Congratulations Monica! Well done and I look forward to seeing your defense video, and to referring to you as Dr. Sklar in the great wide world!

  • Mellissa December 06, 2010 09.18 pm

    Yes, Congrats Dr. Sklar! 🙂


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