Editor’s Week in Review: Dec 18

This is a brief report as it’s been a fairly quiet week. This will also be my last Review of 2010, as I’m heading out of town and will have limited Internet access. I’ll write my next Review for Jan 7-8.

    Worn Through News
    -The interns Brenna and Mellissa have been busy helping with all sorts of behind the scenes projects such as increasing our visibility and community connections. They also helped choose our book giveaway winner, and Associate Editor Heather and I are pleased to let you know that there will be a slew of give-ways in 2011. We look forward to more shared stories and contests all related to fashion history and culture.

    -I’m getting really excited for the changes to the blog in 2011. As you saw, 2010 brought a lot of fabulous new things to WT, with our big boost in frequency and quantity of posts, and all the lovely new contributors. In 2011 we will continue to implement our plan of slow but steady development and bring on new/additional interns, fresh themes from contributors (they’ll be keeping the topics you love), a site redesign, more ads (only those appropriate and interesting to our specific readers), more interviews, increased use of video. There’s been talk about whether we should make Worn Through into an academic journal, a print popular press magazine, a production company of varied output, or other ideas, and they’re all in the hopper, but for now, we’re super happy to just keep the growth at a pace that is manageable to all involved. We encourage your continued feedback on what you’d like to see and in what format. The reader survey earlier this year was vastly helpful, but if you did not participate please don’t feel you missed your chance to give us your two cents. We love hearing from you, and if you’ve written before you know we try to respond to almost everything that comes in via email and comments.

    Personal News
    -I’m in a big push to get a lot done before I travel for the holiday season. I’m still working away on a piece for the Berg Encyclopedia with the research team I’m a part of, and I (thankfully) recruited Senior Contributor Lauren to be my second author on the piece I am working on for an upcoming book on color and dress. Sometimes a second author is just what is needed to give something you’re writing fresh eyes to critique and a renewed spirit.

    -I’m also starting to throw myself into the book I’m writing on Punk Style and have been getting together some interviews to gain more foundational info. It’s not an interview book, other than my dissertation interviews, but I am doing some as a form of data gathering because the topic simply is not covered enough to be found completely though a literature review (hence the impetus to write the book!). I’ve also been having fun looking through some auction catalog materials to learn about the deisgned objects of the topic, and am trying to resist buying everything I see. I don’t have much interest in becoming a collector, but it’s hard not to get excited about the tangible items related to your research passion.

    -In other news, once I return from vacation I’ll start prepping to teach Dress and Culture for the first time, in an online class (also my first all online class). I’m thrilled at the opportunity and will provide more info when I have it in case you want to take the course and just to tell you how it’s going.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and highly productive and fulfilling 2011!

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