Editor’s Week in Review: Dec 11

Hello Worn Through readers!

    Worn Through News:
    –We’re still continuing the book giveaway so please participate. click here to chime in with your stories about jewelry.
    –I’ve been recieving lots of inquiries about internships with WT, more than I can accomodate unfortunately (thanx for your interest!) and so I wanted to put a call out there to those of you who work at an institution that takes interns–please speak up in the comments section so people can contact you too. Looks like there is a need for more internships in our field.

    Personal News:
    –I’ve been working away on a book chapter to be within a new book on color and apparel. Mine is on the relationship of the punk subculture to a color palette–Yay to black, neon green, and lots of silver/metal! Should be published late 2011 or early 2012 and I’ll let you know.
    –This week I went to a practice Master’s defense from a friend. I highly recommend this type of activity. From the speakers point of view, it’s a good way to refine your presentation and get comfy speaking in front of an audience. From the viewer’s perspective, you get to hone your own skills in editing and presentation by watching another, as well as it’s good to hear others’ research to stay informed on topics within the field that aren’t your own specialization.

    General News:
    –Sometimes fun websites come across my desk. This week it was Fashion Tips from Comic Strips which is pretty self-explanatory and totally awesome!
    –Also this week I learned some interesting news about dress and breast feeding (I’m a nursing mom). In Minnesota, where I live, apparently one will never find herself thrown out of a restaurant or any of that mania for simply feeding your child. Any part of the breast can be shown, including nipple, in any context. Not all states have such accommodating (and practical) laws though. While this doesn’t sound off the bat like a dress issue, it really is in some ways, as it has to do with the aesthetics concepts of revealing and concealing of body parts, erogenous zones (or not when the breast is nursing and not in a bikini), and gender issues. I had bought the hilariously named Hooter Hider early on, but never use it now that I’ve really got a hang of how to nurse. I’ve found public breastfeeding seems to be an on-going discussion among not just moms, but anyone in the purview of the person nursing. I’m sure there are probably women’s studies and sociology articles on this, but I’m curious if anyone knows if there are apparel studies articles on dress and breastfeeding? It’s certainly something on my mind and I’d love to read more about it.

That’s all for now…more next week!

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