Major Growth! New Contributors and Interns

After 3 1/2 years Worn Through has developed to have a really hearty amount of readers. Therefore, I decided some serious growth was in order and was just waiting for the right moment. Now seemed like a proper time to embark on this growth since I’m completing my schoolwork this semester, and am staying at home for this academic year to be with my new son and work on an array of book and journal projects. So, since my current schedule is a little more open (well, at least as compared to commuting to a scheduled work environment), I figured the opportunity had presented itself.

I’ve got lots of plans for Worn Through in the blog format and possibly beyond that, and the first major point of growth is that I thought we should add some additional contributors and interns to the already-existing group of hard-working, talented ladies of Heather, Lauren, Tove, and Kat.


We’ve more than doubled our team and I’d like to introduce them to you as well as let you know what they’ll be working on.

New Contributors:

Lisa Santandrea – Mondays: “Anarchists of Style” will be a weekly look at some of the most innovative and creative characters in the fashion universe. I’ll be working on these posts alongside Lisa.

Jenna Rossi-Camus – Thursdays: The U.K. beat. Covering exhibitions, events, doing interviews, and in general keeping up with people, news, and happenings in the U.K. that will appeal to Worn Through readers.

Ellen McKinney and Kelly Mohs Gage – Fridays, alternating between them: Picking up where Lauren left off, Ellen and Kelly will expand the coverage of teaching apparel studies including assignment ideas, experiences with coworkers and students, and more.


Mellissa Huber, Brenna Barks, and more interns in Spring and Summer ’11 – they’ll help with tons of behind the scenes projects, our social networking, as well as work on keeping the jobs and other listings flowing.

Continuing Contributors:

Heather – Wednesdays: Early 20thc. dress, book reviews, and fashion & film are her favorite topics.

Lauren – Monthly on Fridays: Awesome interviews with an array of individuals studying in or working in the field of dress.

Tove – Tuesdays biweekly: Thoughtful commentaries on cultural aspects of dress, often featuring the pop and arts worlds.

Kat – Monthly on Thursdays: Grad School profiles that will help Worn Through readers get to know valuable details about programs around the U.S. and beyond. Also, Kat works on keeping the info flowing on Monday CFPs every Monday and Exhibits info on Thursdays biweekly.

Monica (me) – I’m continuing to spin all the plates, managing the team and the behind the scenes, as well as writing about graduate school experiences, interviewing some luminaries within the field, and constructing commentaries about interesting things that come across my desk that I think are of value to discuss with Worn Through readers. I’m also the contact person for Worn Through, so please feel free to get in touch!

I’m very excited about all the positive growth at Worn Through, and I look forward to seeing what 2011 has in store for us and the world of apparel scholarship.

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  • Joyce Heckman November 02, 2010 07.09 pm

    Congrats to the team!


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