Editor’s Week in Review Nov 12

I’m starting a new column on Fridays (or sometimes Saturdays) called Editor’s week in Review. Basically, the premise is that it’ll be a place for me to briefly talk about what kind of things I did or saw all week related to our world of apparel studies.

Over the past year I’ve been so overloaded with my personal and professional life–plus, the blog had grown so robust–that I had gotten in a rhythm of barely posting and putting my attention on other tasks. My thought was that every Worn Through post needed to be substantial, with lots of contemplation and research, and thus my drafts would get started and not finished. I’d get side-tracked and want to focus on my editorial and behind the scenes duties for Worn Through, my new role as a mom at home (he’s 3.5 months), and my dissertation and array of journal articles, presentations, and related extracurriculars (I’m graduating at the end of this semester-cross yr fingers!) I do plan to continue writing my Rat Race: Grad School pieces (applause to anyone who knows from what band I derived that title).

But, I think if I have a casual weekly note on the blog, it’ll be a great place to mention all those fun things going on that I’m working on, events I attend, and news articles that come across my desk. So..to start…from this week…..

I spent the week trying to knock out a bunch of smaller projects:

    -Before I mention what I have been up to professionally, on a news front, I spent part of this morning trying to capitalize on the facebook/Coastal Contacts free glasses give-away. Needless-to-say, it didn’t work, as the CC website crashed from all the people attempting to load it. This is a horrible representation of a fashion promotion, and of course now there are tons of disgruntled customers. I’ll for sure use this as an example in my classes to talk about effectiveness of promotion and how a bad customer experience can effect you much more than a good one.

    -On a professional front-I finished up the reference list (Harvard Style which I’ve never done before) and my bio for a journal article that is being submitted to the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management. It had been R&R’d from Clothing and Textile Research Journal, but my team decided rather than the extensive rewrite needed to send back in, we wanted to see if JFMM would find it more suitable for them in its current form.

    -I also started to get together some application packages for Assistant Profesor position for Fall 2011. It’s promising to see there are so many more jobs open this year than last year. I believe that means some of the economic downturn’s hiring freezes must be lifting. While most jobs aren’t in my specialization, or in cities that will work for my family, there are a few I’m excited about. I hope to have them all out by late Dec. Wish me luck!

    -I’ve also been working with my collaborators on our entry for the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. Excited to have a piece in there as you’ve seen me write about my support of the project in previous posts.

    -For Worn Through, this week has been all about supporting the new contributors, and the excitement over their participation, and all the new projects we can work on together. One of our interns, Mellissa, is helping me continue to analyze the reader survey we did earlier this fall, and I’m quite thrilled about that as the next phase of growth for the blog will certainly reflect reader preferences. Look for a site redesign sometime in 2011!

    -Finally, on a pop/news front, I’ve been mulling over some blog posts and news article this week about the lack of luxury goods at outlet stores, and the general notion that outlet stores just aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Often the products are really just made right for them, as compared to actually being from their first-run locations. Here’s a good post on that from Deeply Superficial. I’ve been noticing this trend for a few years now, as a constant bargain hunter, and especially heading into the holiday season, I’m going to skip the outlets for sure. I bet there’s an interesting research study in there about the psychology of bargain hunting and whether in this era of over-saturated bargain options (outlet malls, Bluefly.com, etc) how the consumer is reacting. Perhaps there’s already a good study on that. Send it my way if you come across one. I’m just curious–not planning on doing it myself.

That’s all for this week.

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  • Monica Sklar November 12, 2010 03.22 pm

    Brief update–I was able to process the free glasses–although free still meant taxes, shipping and handling. We’ll see how they are hen they arrive if it was worth it.


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