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Exhausted after an intense but thoroughly satisfying weekend at Drexel’s Fashion in Fiction conference, I’m all about pretty pictures today. In one of my recent perusals of the interwebs, I discovered the Virtual Shoe Museum. Though it’s not my favorite browser interface, I enjoyed how many (if not most) of the shoes in this catalog are distinctly unwearable– either by bulkiness, lack of foot protection, impractical materials, or structure so severe that walking would be impossible, indicating that the line between fashion and sculpture is a nebulous one.

I’m tempted to delve into the intersection of surrealism and fashion, Max Ernst’s mechanistic fantasies of mannequins, etc… but I’ll save that for another day. Instead, I’ll simply whet your appetite with some of my favorite surreal shoes from the VSM’s online collection, with the reminder that humor is intrinsic to Surrealism:

Svenja Ritter pie shoes:

Women's shoes red

Invisible Shoe, Andreia Chaves

Invisible Shoe

Sling-Shot, Kobi Levi
Chewing gum shoe, Kobi Levi
Chewing gum shoe

Toeshoe gold, Bart Persoons

Toeshoe gold
Ice cream shoe, Rhonda Voo

Ice cream shoe


High Tide Heels pro, Paul Schietekat
High Tide Heels pro


Nailed up. 2004, Alexander Fielden
Nailed up. 2004

I encourage you to visit the furniture shoe section, as well. Enjoy!

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  • The Preppy Princess October 12, 2010 11.55 am

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you for the link, it looks like a great site!

    Sending you a smile,

  • Rhonda Voo June 12, 2011 12.54 am

    loooove my ice cream shoes! 🙂


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