We Need a New Intern

9/21/10 UPDATE–We received tons of great resumes so for right now we will not be accepting any more. I’m sure in the future we’ll post again for interns. Thank you for your interest.

Worn Through is looking for a new intern for this academic year (or at least for a while).

Kat had a great run as our first intern, and has been promoted to contributor! So now she’ll be doing different projects for the blog, and we need someone to step in and do all the fun stuff we have for an intern to do.

We’re willing to work with you to get you college credit if that is an option. Doing it just for fun is cool to, or better yet, for professional experience and networking! Credit is not mandatory.

It is an unpaid position, but, if you do a swell job we’re happy to write letters of rec for you as well as the position will provide you some decent experience in the academic area of the cultural study of fashion. Also there’s sometimes free stuff that comes our way we can give you.

The position includes:

    helping with maintaining Twitter
    short but regular posts on jobs, research calls, etc
    helping edit/research posts with other contributors
    general behind-the-scenes help with all sorts of things that come up
    and more…

The goal is to have you help every week, but how the time commitment is divided can be flexible .

Email Monica directly if you are interested!

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  • Sarah September 14, 2010 06.29 am

    Yay! Congrats Kat! You are such a great asset to the field of fashion studies. Looking forward to reading your posts in the future.

  • Kat September 14, 2010 08.23 pm

    Thanks Sarah! I know I can always count on your support 🙂


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