On Teaching Fashion: Back-to-School Shopping

It’s that time of year again in the northern hemisphere:  summer is fading into autumn, and school is starting up after a three-month break.  American retailers are hopeful for a strong back-to-school season (bts) this year (for many, bts is second only to the Christmas season for keeping them in the black).  One of my favorite things about teaching is the annual excuse to go shopping for new fall additions to my wardrobe (not that I need an excuse to go shopping).   There is something about fall that makes it festive.  The new collections, the September issue of Vogue, the start of the a new school year, the changing of the seasons:  This time of year is all about new beginnings for so many of us, whether you work in fashion, have school-age children in your life, or are a student or teacher, yourself.

Personally, having spent most of my life in the classroom, is it any wonder that I measure the years of my life in academic years?  When teaching, a January to December calendar sometimes appears to me like two halves of two calendars awkwardly attached to each other like two bookends back-to-back in the center of a shelf of books.  Therefore, August is when I crack open a fresh planner (I love my smartphone, but I also love my ink and paper that do not have to be plugged in every couple of days to recharge) and I start a brand new year.  And what does a brand new year need?  Brand new style, of course.

I took myself back-to-school shopping in anticipation of the start of the new term next week (my syllabi, lesson plans, and powerpoints are ready, and so are my school supplies, how are yours?), and this week I discovered a pleasant little perquisite for both students and teachers:  the fashionable student/educator’s discount.  I have received the odd 10 to 15% discount at bookstores, and even a local toy store (and not just for educational toys!, but I digress), but there are a handful of fashion retailers who offer discounts to teachers and students.  So, in the spirit of back-to-school, here are a few of those discounts, for you, or the students and educators in your life.

Most, but not all, of these discounts are available only in-store.  Some retailers require some sort of identification to prove that you are a student or educator.  A business card was sufficient for my purchases this week.  Some places take me at my word.  Expect establishments to vary, and plan to ask wherever you shop, as these discounts are not always widely advertised.

Have I missed any?  If you know of others not to be missed, please leave a comment.

Happy shopping!

Photo Credit: George Eastman House Photography Collection

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  • The Preppy Princess August 20, 2010 09.18 am

    This is one great list. I am not a teacher/educator, but have friends who are and will steer them this way. Thank you for posting all of these!

    Sending you a smile,

  • Kelly August 21, 2010 08.05 pm

    I was just wondering if you were going to do this list again, LOVE it and your site!


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