Worn Through’s 3rd Anniversary!

We at Worn Through are happy to report 3 years and still going strong! I’d like to say “Thanx!” to our fabulous readers for their interest, devotion and insightful comments and emails.

I cannot believe our niche little corner of the world is up to about 15,000 hits a month, over 350 facebook fans, and over 100 Twitter followers. If you’re interested in reading the blog through those means please sign up!

It’s been a really productive year for all of us at WT, as you can see from my recent post about our personal/professional happenings. I’d like to extend my gratitude to WT‘s contributors who always manage to fit fun, educational, and glamorous posts into their busy schedules. I’d also like to thank our first intern Kat, who helped tons with general planning/site housekeeping, getting together posts, and keeping us up to date with CFPs and exhibit announcements.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite posts of the past year. If you didn’t catch them the 1st time around now you can glance through our 2009-10 highlights. And after that…on to year 4!!!

    The ongoing series Rat Race had two posts so far Grad Student Life: Have One! and Grad Student Life: Get Involved

    I’ve also done some interviews this year that have been fun with designer Zandra Rhodes, stylist Phillip Bloch, and student Jillian Granz who won an Oscar dress competition.

    Her Issues in Dress Collections series included four posts. Here is a link to the final piece which references the previous three.

    Also check out Quilts: The Historical and The Personal and Travel, Leisurewear, and Claire McCardell

    Michael Jackson’s death was obviously a huge story that happened just about exactly a year ago. Who Inspired Michael Jackson’s Fashion?

    Madonna and Lady Gaga certainly aren’t the only ones who’ve used lingerie as daywear. Innerwear as Outerwear

    Her series of teaching posts has had great range. Check out this one: Dickens Christmas Fair

    And from a totally different perspective…Teaching World Textiles and Textile Design History

    This posts on veils from last week garnered a huge amount of discussion. check out her posts and all the comments.

    A floral post to get us all thinking about summer.

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  • Lin Nelson-Mayson July 02, 2010 04.30 pm

    Congratulations to Worn Through on your three-year anniversary! This is a thoughtful and exciting look into the academic world of apparel and dress. Many productive more years to come!

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    July 30, 2010 - 5:02 am

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