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There are a number of venues for scholars of fashion, costume and dress to publish their work (besides those devoted to the field, such as Dress, Fashion Theory, and others). The study of clothing history is inherently interdisciplinary, often branching into cultural and physical anthropology, the social sciences, business and technology as well as local, regional and global history. So too are articles published by scholars in other fields that cross over into the study of dress.

I did a brief survey of articles recently published as a sort of litmus test, to see who and where clothing is being studied. It offers an interesting insight into what is happening in the field right now. Some are available as PDFs, others require access via subscription.

I’d love to hear what articles readers might have seen in non-traditional or surprising places, or if your work has recently been published in such a publication. Feel free to leave comments below.

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  • Kimberly April 14, 2010 09.39 am

    Not quite academic, but some of my favorite articles on fashion and textiles that I use for teaching (plus lengthy and thoughtful costume exhibition and book reviews) have appeared in The New Yorker, like a recent spot-on profile of the Mulleavy sisters and these pieces on Polyvore and the Met’s Unicorn Tapestries:

    Also, I know that the editor of the venerable art history monthly The Burlington Magazine has always wanted to publish a fashion issue, so get your submissions in!

  • Heather Vaughan April 14, 2010 10.01 am

    I completely agree with you! The article on Rodarte in the New Yorker was particularly good (not to mention well timed!) Thanks for the clue on The Burlington Magazine!


  • Sarah Scaturro April 15, 2010 11.25 am

    Loved the article about the C14 dating for the textiles/skins found in the bogs! Thanks for sharing!

  • EmilyKennedy April 19, 2010 08.34 am

    Wow. This is a really helpful post. I am doing a research paper on personal style blogs right now, and I would love to talk with you regarding fashion theory. Thanks for all the links! I downloaded quite a few of them.

  • Monica Sklar April 19, 2010 08.40 am

    go ahead and write your questions to and among our contributors we’ll answer them re:theory the best we can.


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