Punk Visionary McLaren Dead

Right this second as I’m sitting here slaving away over my dissertation as the draft is due next Thurs (much of which will contribute to my book on Punk Style for Berg), trying to figure out the importance of punk dress, how it functions, how it evolved, why it’s still relevant…and just I learn that Malcolm McLaren just died. Wow.

So much to think about as he was one of the top figures in the development of the style and creating its legacy. In recent years he has been be both a champion of this legacy and a thorn in the side of those trying to embrace it (and copy it according to him-probably accurately). I will for sure write something more in depth another day…right now I’m a little overwhelmed thinking about it as I have to think fashion-wise this will go somewhat unnoticed as compared to say McQueen’s death weeks back. I adored McQueen’s creativity and enthusiasm, but this is much bigger. Step inside your local bar, club, mall, or classroom, and someone (especially youth) will pass you within seconds who is wearing something inspired by punk style. Probably doesn’t matter where you live.

More thoughts to come….For now, you can revisit my previous post from last year when I went to London on research and toured the collection of the Contemporary Wardrobe taking many photos of original 70s punk dress created by Westwood and McLaren. Thank you Roger, from the Contemporary Wardrobe for agreeing to let me use the photos on my blog.

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