18th Century Woman

I am a little pressed for time this week, and thus, I give you a homework assignment. The video below captivates me. The costumes displayed are important and beautiful, though some of the techniques being used are outdated. I think I know which Museum it is – Can anyone guess?

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  • Amy April 28, 2010 08.47 am

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. This was a fun way to start my morning!

  • Clare April 28, 2010 09.39 am

    This and the Belle Epoque show are what started my love for historic costume- thanks for sharing this! and is that a RUBBER BAND? ack!

  • EmilyKennedy April 28, 2010 10.13 am

    Cool video, but ugh, that’s some pretty creepy sentiment about the difference between a man and a woman. My feathers have been ruffled!

  • Heather April 28, 2010 02.05 pm

    Glad you all enjoyed that! Yes it is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute. And I think you can hear Diana Vreeland’s voice in the background at one point.


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