Exhibitions: New York Happenings Highlights

Just wanted to take a moment to mention a few events/exhibitions occurring in NYC:

Greg Lauren: Counter CultureRalph Lauren‘s nephew, Greg Lauren, (Alliance Francaise Gallery, February 4 – March 6) uses only white paper, specially treated with Japanese oil, to create garments which reflect his own obsession with detail. He admits that his concern over the smallest features of a garment – a pocket, collar, or a button – is what drives his work. His choice of paper as his medium also reflects the fact that fashion in society can sometimes seem “paper thin.” For more on paper garments, see Tove’s post here.

American Beauty – I recently attended a tour of the current exhibition (Museum at FIT, November 6 – April 10) guided by curator Patricia Mears in which she explained everything from the physical set-up of the exhibition to the history, importance, and relevance of each garment. Overall, the exhibition is another lovely, grand, and appropriate homage to American style, with a quite impressive range and breadth of garments on display.

Fashion + Film, the 1960’s Revisited – In conjunction with the James Gallery‘s exhibition (March 12 – May 1) of the same name, last Friday the CUNY Graduate Center hosted a full day of papers related to 60’s cinema and fashion, generally in reference to Italian and French films. Most notably, Stella Bruzzi delivered a paper on Pasolini’s Teorema, in which she pointed out how absolutely crucial the costuming elements, whether on or off the body, are to the film’ narrative. During the panel there was the mandatory mentions of Hitchcock and La Dolce Vita and Antonioni’s Blow-up, and despite some interesting points made along the way, it seemed that most of the presenters had a difficult time connected thoughts on both film and fashion – they either tended to discuss one or the other.

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