FYI: Job Change

After spending 2009 as an Instructor for an Intro to Fashion course and being the Lead TA for the Textile Analysis labs, I’m now back to the Goldstein Museum of Design as a Graduate Assistant for what is (cross your fingers) the last semester of my doctorate. I was one of the Graduate Assistants for the Goldstein from Fall 06 to Summer 08, and they needed someone quick to fill in this semester due to an unexpected change in personnel. My friend Mary Alice and I are splitting the position, which primarily focuses on the public relations and external communications side of the museum, such as press releases, website and social networking, event planning, and membership management.

Thought I’d let you know I’ve shifted gears back to museuming temporarily, however this Fall I will be on the market applying to professor positions for Fall 2011. Ideally I’d find a position somewhere that overlaps prof and museum work, but I know there are few schools with that option.

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