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Monica spent 2009 starting to really get a feel for what being a professor might be like. In the Spring she taught her largest lecture course yet at 72 students for Intro to Fashion and was rewarded with a nomination for teaching excellence among graduate students. Teaching in the Fall was a new peak as well meeting the challenge of managing three lab sections of Textile Science. She’s also been busy with a zillion (so-called) extra-curriculars: serving on two university committees, being part of research teams that collectively presented at the Pop Culture of America and Costume Society of America conferences and with those teams sending for review 3 journal articles, and of course, managing Worn Through. Monica also made progress on her dissertation by completing her research on Punk Dress and the Workplace, and now is going to do everything possible to finish her doctorate in 2010. Also in 2010 you can catch up with her presenting that research at conferences and perhaps read a draft of her book on Punk Style by year’s end. For the first half of 2010 though Monica‘ll be primarily focused on trying to convince Marc Jacobs to make maternity dresses so she can be a super-stylin’ first time mom.


This year, Heather published: an essay in a book (Essays on Women’s Artistic and Cultural Contributions 1919-1939); a study of the 1950s Shirtwaist dress in the Journal of American Culture, Special Fashion Issue; a book review in Southern California Quarterly; and an exhibition review in CSA’s Dress. She also presented a paper at this year’s Costume Society of America National Symposium in Phoenix, AZ. In 2010, she plans to focus on revamping her thesis research for a book project on the work of Natacha Rambova. Expect more on that process, as well as looks into employment prospects/trends in Costume & Fashion departments of Museums. Reclaiming her craft room, however is priority #1!


Over the past year, Lauren has taught fashion history, fashion illustration, fashion entrepreneurship, handspinning, and natural dyeing. This fall, she conducted several months of participant observation and handspinning demonstations at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. She continues to teach part-time while her institution weathers a Californian budget shortfall. Her program has faced severe cutbacks, but so long as the program itself is not closed altogether, Lauren is more or less content and, as always, couldn’t love her work more. In the new year, Lauren and her five-year-old traveling companion will take on the city of Paris. Some may call her insane, but she prefers intrepid.


After being a casualty of the Whitney Museum’s downsizing, Tove has been reading, watching films, and writing for the Huffington Post, in addition to decorating her new Brooklyn apartment. Tove will keep herself busy by peddling her piece on Communist vs. Capitalist fashion in films around to conferences and publications, and look for part-time work that is at least partially related to fashion, allowing her to continue researching / writing her own material. She intends to fill her spare time with more knitting, sewing, bookbinding, and burlesque!


Lucy has spent 2009 writing and presenting papers at three major conferences on fashion, two of which were in London. She worked NYC Fall Fashion Week, moved to five different apartments in three different cities, and somewhere in the midst of it all, tried to work on her dissertation on Sartrean “bad faith” and dress. Hopefully in 2010 she will in fact finish her dissertation, receive those three precious letters, and begin putting her fashion expertise at work in a teaching position or perhaps more engaged with the fashion industry. She also hopes to try all the different sausages from the local Polish butcher shops in her new neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

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