On Teaching Fashion: School Vacation

Tomorrow marks the start of the winter holiday for the faculty at my institution.  After 16 weeks of instruction, I know I am ready for this break.  I have about five weeks off before it’s back to school for another 16 weeks. 

Personally, I will be using the time to prepare for the coming semester.  I will organise my syllabi and lecture notes, and my work wardrobe.  If you are in fashion, you know the wardrobe ranks right up there with course content in terms of importance.  I have a mending/alterations basket filled to overflowing with a number of items in real need of repairs and updating, just the thing to keep me occupied through the darkest days of the year (here in the northern hemisphere, that is).   I know, thrillsville, for all of you readers.  I will refrain from posting updates on how my powerpoints and hemming are coming along, I promise. 

When not sewing or preparing lectures and classroom activities, I will be doing a little traveling over my holiday, starting this weekend.  I will be visiting the Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party in San Francisco, where there will be a multitude of costumed cast and patrons.  The fair is a theatrical recreation of 1840s-1860s London and promises to be a visual feast (hopefully, I will not be too overcome by the spectacle, and will remember to take pictures to share with you, dear readers).  This weekend is the closing weekend for the year (the end of the annual six-week run), so if you plan to go this year, this weekend is it.

Vionnet dresses on show at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris

My second excursion over my winter break will be to Paris, to see the Madeleine Vionnet exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs.  I will be sure to tell you all about it after I have seen it. 

Also happening in Paris in January are the annual winter sales (les soldes).  As you probably know, French retailers are permitted to only have sales in January and July, and the discounts increase week by week.  I know I will pick up some treasures while I am there.  Again, I will try to remember to take lots of photos to share.  Readers are encouraged to hound me to do so.  Anything else I should be sure to see or photograph while I am there?  The city fashion museum is temporarily closed for security upgrades, so that is out.  I get enough loud requests, I may be able to work particular destinations into my schedule and report on them for you.  Let me know.

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  • Heather December 18, 2009 04.06 pm

    So jealous! You get to see Vionnet! Can’t wait to read your wrap-up. Happy travels.


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