Christie’s Auction: Fashion Through the Ages


On Dec 3 (today!) Christie’s will have an auction of Fashion Through the Ages that you might be interested in checking out.

Here is the link.

Christie’s site is a little in on the fritz right now so I cannot put up lots as I’m writing this, but I’m sure by the time this is published it’ll be fixed and you should give it a look as the items are nice. Christie’s have a service where you can sign up and receive email notifications of upcoming auctions that might suit you. I’m signed up for the costume, pop culture, and music related auctions and always enjoy reading though the lists. It’s surprising how reasonably priced some things can be but I’m sure that’s also a reflection of the economy.

The auction will features pieces owned by famed Italian fashion writer and lovably off-beat style innovator Anna Piaggi.

The NY Times said:
“Fashion Through the Ages” at Christie’s ( on Thursday will offer outfits that trace Ms. Piaggi’s trajectory from what she calls clothes “related to my physique,” dresses from Chanel, Lanvin and Poiret, to pieces “related to my head.”

“There was a period of irony, of provocation and rebellion,” says the Vogue Italia editor. That includes the infamous Jean Paul Gaultier cone breasts dress (as worn by Madonna) and even a dress inspired by the sculpted holes of Henry Moore and designed by Olivier Guillemin.

The catalogue is enriched by the sketches that Karl Lagerfeld made of Ms. Piaggi as a muse. Or, as she puts it: “If he liked how I looked, he would take out his pencils, if not, he said nothing.”

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