On Teaching Fashion: Project Sartorialist, Part II


This week I am pleased to tell you that the first part of Project Sartorialist went swimmingly when put into action with my Introduction to Fashion class.

The class’s assignment went like this:

Project Sartorialist
Street fashion photography combined with trendspotting and stylehunting.

• Students were to choose to work in the team of their choosing or work solo.
• At least one student in the group had to have a digital camera or a camera phone.
• The students had exactly 45 minutes to find people to photograph, either on the street or on campus.

Teams’ photographs were to demonstrate either:
1. a definable style trend that can be seen on three or more individuals, or
2. two or more individuals who exude a particular je ne sais quoi, evocative of The Sartorialist’s style.


After the 45 minutes were up, the class had to return to the classroom to check in. Then, they emailed me their final photos to document that they were completed on time.


Several groups were able to complete both project options, giving us a wealth of photos to examine next week. During the next class meeting, the teams will present their photos to the class as a whole. I’m considering inviting some guest judges to select the best photos from each category, however I haven’t yet determined the potential point-value of winning towards the students’ grades or potential prizes for the winners. Any thoughts on this, my fellow instructors?


If, like me, you can’t get enough street fashion, and are looking for more sources for style inspiration, without the cost of a plane or train ticket, here are a few blogs to sate your appetite.

For London street fashion, The Style Scout
Los Angeles, HiStyley!
Copenhagen, CopenhagenStreetStyle

Lastly, Feedshion indexes photos from many international street style blogs and you can sort them by date, city (London, Vancouver, Bucharest, Sydney), or apparel key word (dress, hat, bag, jeans).

Happy style hunting!

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