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  • Heather Vaughan October 20, 2009 05.58 pm

    I think mine was about 60 pages (I wrote it as basically two, 30 page papers). But then I had several appendices and photo section that amped up the page count considerably. Curious to see what others had.

  • Monica October 20, 2009 07.09 pm

    my master’s thesis was also right around 60 pages with a bunch of appendices after, but my dissertation is shaping up to be many hundreds of pages and I’m swimming in it (hopefully not quite drowning). for some it’s my understanding their dissertation is more like 100 pages though.

  • Lucy October 20, 2009 10.00 pm

    In philosophy, it’s typical that it would only be 150-200. Not as much research involved. Which is actually pretty scary!

  • Lauren October 20, 2009 10.48 pm

    My master’s thesis came in around the low 90s, with something like 76 pages of text and the rest consisting of appendices. It was one of the largest on the shelf in my advisor’s lab at the time. Most were around 30 pages. I couldn’t say all I needed to say in any less than 76.

  • Petra October 21, 2009 11.24 am

    My Master’s thesis finished at 85, with photos, and appendecies. Pure text came in around 60.

  • Monica Sklar October 21, 2009 04.42 pm

    anyone else have a very long dissertation?

  • Carolyn October 22, 2009 10.33 am

    I’m in the middle of writing mine. I’m aiming for about 70 pages of text (give or take), and anticipate several pages of appendices, and lots of photos/illustrations throughout. It was recommended to me by more than one prof to keep it under 100.

  • Monica Sklar October 22, 2009 07.57 pm

    Carolyn-is that your dissertation or master’s thesis?

  • crosby October 24, 2009 06.48 pm

    mine was about 120 for my MA

  • Abie October 29, 2009 07.35 am

    I’m working on my MA thesis right now (almost done! – one month left!), and it’s turning out to be around 70 pages of text.

  • Ann October 29, 2009 11.42 am

    My MA thesis turned out to be about 75 pages of text, not including the appendices and images. I think technically we were only required to write a thirty or forty page qualifying paper, but my professor and I felt this was appropriate for my topic

  • Monica Sklar March 22, 2010 11.48 am

    It looks like when it’s all said and done, my dissertation will be about 200-250 pages of writing, with maybe another 25 pages in tables, images, and misc. like table of contents.

  • Ahmed Khidre October 09, 2011 01.18 am

    My master thesis is 47 pages for the text and with appendices,acknowledgment, abstract,table of content..etc is around 55. I think no hard rule for the total number of pages, however the quality of the content is more important. Also, the technical impact of how many publications came out of the thesis is very paid attention.

  • Gaurav June 22, 2012 10.08 am

    Hii All,

    I have done Master of Social work, my dissertation was about ” Women Violence”- In reference to India, it was around 130 Pages, according to University guideline the standard scale is between 90 to 130 as well, hope this information will help you..

  • JB December 19, 2014 05.07 pm

    I’m American and did a one year Masters in Law overseas in New Zealand by thesis (not by coursework), and the thesis was about 150 pages. I also studied overseas in other countries for undergrad and seminar papers for a single class were at least 35- 50 pages required.


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