My Interview w/Phillip Bloch-Emmys & Students as Stylists


This week I interviewed famed stylist extraordinaire Phillip Bloch.

Our task was to talk about the upcoming Emmy Awards (Sept. 20, 2009) as well as dive into the world of wardrobe styling.

The hope was to 1. get his take on some of this year’s Emmy noms that have a strong historical/cultural costume angle 2. get a little insight into how a fashion student could morph into a highly successful stylist. We only had 10 minutes to talk, so I tried to make the most of it.

If you’re into fashion, you’re probably familiar with Phillip, or at least his work, having styled an endless list of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Will and Jana Pinkett-Smith, Jim Carrey, Mariah Carey, Drew Barrymore, Jodie Foster, Barbara Streisand, Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear, Nicholas Cage, William H. Macy, David Bowie, and Samuel L. Jackson.

He created such famous looks as Halle Berry‘s red carpet style in ’02 when she won the Oscar. He’s also styled a zillion music videos (including Prince, Van Halen) and editorial shoots for mags including “In Style,” “People,” “Rolling Stone,” “Vanity Fair,” “Vogue,” “GQ,” “Glamour,” “Harper’s Bazaar,” “Esquire,” “Vibe,” “Newsweek,” “New York Times,” among many others. You might have also seen him on TV as he’s a fixture on programming having to do with fashion and glamour (“The Tyra Banks Show,” “America’s Next Top Model”), and also often has cameo’s in feature films (“Bruno”).

So, given the opportunity, I figured he’d have some insight for WT readers. I certainly think he did provide some valuable tips for students and aspiring stylists, and as well as had fun commentary on the Chanel and Grey Gardens TV movies and of course my fav, Mad Men.

Hope you enjoy the interview-I certainly did!

Below is the video of the interview:

Phillip Bloch Interview by Monica Sklar from Monica Sklar on Vimeo.

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  • Monica Sklar September 18, 2009 01.21 pm

    don’t ask why I say “absolutely” so much.


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