CFP: Price of Fashion in Leeds


The Costume Society Symposium in Leeds
Friday 9 – Sunday 11 July 2010

Keynote speakers will be:
Katrina Honeyman, Professor, School of History, University of Leeds.
John Styles, Research Professor in History at the University of Hertfordshire
Lou Taylor, Professor of Dress & Textile History, University of Brighton

Further Details:
This symposium theme is The Price of Fashion focusing on the cost of production, whether it be clothes produced for wealthy individual clients or the phenomenon of mass production for a world market. From the local seamstress to the third world factory, papers should examine the cost of production in terms of working conditions, imports/exports and the effect on style over several centuries. The theme is intentionally wide-ranging and offers many possibilities for papers.

These could include:
• The globalisation of fashion – is denim now the world’s national dress?
• High Street – high fashion? How top designers have invaded the High Street
• Imports – the true cost of throwaway fashion
• Can couture survive in a recession?
• Early attempts at mass production – ‘slops’
• Clothing provided by the public purse: charity and poor law clothing
• Budgeting for dress “How to Dress Well on a Shilling a Day”
• Working class clothing clubs – pay in weekly to gain clothing credit
• Clothes economies and recycling in times of austerity
• Purchasing fashion in rural areas: The role of markets, fairs and travelling salesmen

We welcome papers from academics, collectors, curators, designers, research students, and independent scholars.

Those wishing to offer papers should submit an abstract of about 200 words with a short CV by October 1, 2009. All submissions will receive replies by February 1, 2010.

Papers, with the exception of those by keynote speakers will be of 30 minutes duration with illustrations by PowerPoint. Non-illustrated papers will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Abstracts and CVs should be sent to Email

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