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So today I leave for two weeks in Hawaii (yeah for the standard American Honeymoon!) and in that vein, I thought I would highlight the collection of the University of Hawaii.

Yes, the Hawaiian shirt has come to be the cliche’d attire of ‘men of a certain age’ but there is more to the fashion of Hawaii. Recently, the University at Manoa had a small exhibition covering 50 years of Fashion in Hawaii and now present the exhibition online via Flickr.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

1900s Holoku with Lace Trim on Collar & Cuffs
Accession #: W.98.1.17
Fabrication: White cotton
Manufacturer:: Unknown
Donor: Unknown

1960s Holoku with train
Accession #: 74.7.3 S.D.
Fabrication: white matelasse
Designer: Joan Izutsu
Donor: Univ. of Hawaii Senior Design purchase,: Joan Izutsu, designer

1940s Sailor Moku Swimsuit
Accession #: H. 1995.6.36
Fabrication: Cotton
Manufacturer: Royal Hawaiian Manufacturing Co.
Donor: Unknown

1930s Black Lace, Floor-length Gown With Sheer Nylon Yoke
Accession #: W.2007.2.10
Fabrication: Nylon with Cotton Lace
Designer: Ethel de Saussure
Donor: Diane Okubo

1980s 2 Piece Pants Suit
Acc. W. 1998.11.6 a & b
Fabric: Brocade
Manufacturer: Elenore Simmons for Malcom Starr for Carol & Mary
Donor: Unknown

Disappointingly, the online version of the exhibitoin provides no descriptive text or context for the peices chosen. Information on designers, makers or socio-cultural significance are non-existant leaving the virtual viewers with nothing but pretty photos. No explanation is provided for what a Holoku is. Interested readers can refer to these two articles in Clothing and Textiles Research Journal and Fashion Theory by Linda B Arthur of the Unviersity of Hawaii at Manoa for more information on the Holoku. An overview of the physical exhibiton is available here.


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  • Kat September 23, 2009 07.26 am

    we just learned about pinapple fibers in my fiber and fabrics class, cool stuff and looks really comfortable, try and pick something up if you can!! have a great time!!


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