Worn Through in Nina Garcia’s Style Strategy!


I’m pleased to announce that Worn Through is featured in the new book, The Style Strategy: A Less-Is-More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart by Nina Garcia!! Look for my book review on Monday, Aug. 24 and the book goes on sale Tuesday, Aug. 25. My review will include more images from the book.


I’m sure you’re familiar with Garcia from her work as a judge on Project Runway, and from her positions at Elle and now as Fashion Director at Marie Claire.

The book also includes illustrations by acclaimed artist Ruben Toledo.

Pictured here with his wife, fashion designer Isabel Toledo

Toward the back of the how-to primer Garcia lists a handful of pages of what she refers to as shopping destinations and style resources. WT is listed alongside such notable sites as The Sartorialist, Etsy, and Bluefly, as well as a small slew of other corporate and independent sites.


WT is the only academically-oriented site listed, which makes sense as mostly the book is geared toward how to “look chic, all while saving money.” This of course explains Garcia’s funny comment about WT (funny to me at least) “The commentary on style and fashion may strike you as a little academic, but I find it so interesting.” Well, it’s true, academic is our mission, and, probably our primary audience. However, I like to think “academic” doesn’t exactly equate stuffy or boring, and thankfully Garcia did qualify her phrase saying we’re “so interesting.” I’ll take “interesting” over many other fluffier adjectives any day!


If you are wondering, no I don’t know Garcia or her staff. For anyone who checks my CV, you’ll find I did intern at the same publishing house as Elle, and knew a few other interns and the like back then, but that was over a decade ago and that isn’t the connection point. So, I’m thrilled to hear Garcia is a reader, and admittedly I was a little surprised. In fact, when Harper Collins emailed me to let me know of the impending publication I asked if they were spammers as I get a ton of junk mail and product promotions. But alas, not spam–instead it’s some nice support for the blog, which I also interpret as helpful support for our field in general.

I’d like to extend my thanx publicly to the contributors to WT: Heather, Lauren, Tove, and Lucy. When I started the blog over two years ago I was on my own, and it certainly was tough to keep it up regularly, with quality, in conjunction with maintaining my schoolwork, my job, and general life stuff. The addition of each contributor has brought more and more quality posts representing varied voices within the field of apparel studies and socio-cultural/historical approaches to looking at dress. The team has slowly grown over the years and now works together to provide content we’re proud of and find interesting and useful ourselves.

Hopefully you enjoy the blog and if you’d like to see new types of ideas represented, please drop me a line or include it in the comments of this post. We’ve got a lot of new ideas for directions to grow, including more interviews, which you’ll start to see this fall.

So, thanx Nina for your plug!! We appreciate it.
Again, look for my book review on Monday Aug. 24.

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  • Lizzie August 23, 2009 11.19 am

    That’s a very nice plug. It just goes to show you that you never know who might be reading!

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