Question: Which Qualitative Coding Software?


So I’m at the point in my dissertation where I need to start thinking about a software purchase to make life easier when it comes to the analysis of data. All of my previous research hasn’t necessitated qualitative coding software as I’ve done quantitative work (used SPSS and custom written software), critical literature reviews, content analysis, material culture projects, and interviews that were long however few in number.

But now I’ve got twenty 45 minute interviews with 15 minute corresponding videos. I think it’s too much to go through by hand as the sole method since the transcriptions for the interviews alone tend to be about 15 pages each before the video transcriptions. So, I’ve been asking around a bit and surfing the blogs, and many people seem to think qualitative coding software would be a great help.

NVIVO gets recommendations, but, I am a dedicated MAC person, and I don’t even want to put the Windows option onto any of my machines. So, it looks like no NVIVO.

There seems to be another product by the same company that is usable by MAC people called N4 (formerly NUD*IST) but I cannot find much helpful chatter about it pro or con.

I’ve also read about a program called TAMS but again, cannot seem to find a lot of discussion on it that is useful to me.

So, do any WT readers have thoughts on this? It appears much of this type of software helps draw out themes, develop theories, build models?, work with video (some), etc. I want something robust and useful, but not too complicated and overwhelming. And preferably, doesn’t cost a fortune.

Please drop me an email or better yet, make a comment on this post with your experiences and thoughts.

Thanx in advance!!

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  • Ne Seniuk August 10, 2009 06.42 pm

    have you checked out

    It’s a tool-kit of sorts, not sure if it would help, but it is multi-platform. Also, have you been using a bibliography program? is the best that I’ve come across and it works just excellently on my MAC. Endnote (or actally ISI research-soft) had a qual. program, I can’t find a link to it on their site though, and I wonder if it’s been discontinued. I did use it heavily for a short time about a year ago and loved it for coding… oh, my middle-aged brain just isn’t remembering the name of the program, it was something like… hmmmm Revanalysis??? no, that’s not right.

    good luck. I enjoy your blog.

  • Worn Through » Dissertation Update-Coding Software
    October 7, 2009 - 6:09 pm

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