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Tonight we went to Jax Cafe in Minneapolis to attend a party in honor of the long awaited Mad Men season 3 premiere. (By the way-we’ve eaten there before for a celebration and it’s great.)

It was a fab event, with retro furnishings, music, cocktails, and awards for best dressed. So of course, everyone came in the spirit and I had such a blast taking shots of a few of my fav looks. Unfortunately I had to cut out shortly after the show aired, but I’m sure the night is still going strong.

Applause to, DJ Jake Rudh, and everyone who organized this successful night and it’s of course great that the proceeds go to charity. The room was packed with gorgeous people, standing room only actually, and I lucked out that friends had saved us some prime seats in front of the big screen.

I figured WT readers would undoutably love to see what types of early 60s inspired outfits people wore. Note–when watching the dvd extras of Mad Men, the costume team and production artists are careful to point out that the aesthetics date back prior to the exact year of each season, because real people don’t buy everything the year it comes out. Thus, a home or a wardrobe in a realistic fashion is a gathering of items one has acquired over time. You keep up with contemporary trends, and you also embrace what you know and/or love. It is that type of attention to detail that makes the show that touch more tangible and less like a cartoon. Hence, I didn’t feel at all out of place in my dress that I would interpret as a few years prior to the 1963 year of this season.

So below you’ll find some shots of guests at the party. Enjoy!

Great accessories!



Fabulous jacket!

This was one of the award winning outfits


Awesome coordinated style



Loved the Beatnik look


My ensemble: this outfit was a major find for $20 at an antique mall last week. I was really shocked how pricey vintage has gotten. I shopped almost all the local stores, wasn’t that impressed with the stock, yet the prices on average were $45-$85 for similar outfits. Having been a manager of a vintage for many years (granted years ago but…) it seems the prices are out of hand. So, I was thrilled to land this versatile little number for what seems to be a steal these days.

My ensemble minus the little jacket

Harlo scooped up these rad plaid pants at an estate sale for $2! And, the sale was amazing as it was members of the Walker family of the Walker Art Center. Tons of great furniture, art, etc.

This was one of the award winning outfits



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