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This week’s Teaching post is going to be short and sweet, and it comes with apologies as this is final exams week at my institution.  The topic:  summer jobs for fashion profs.  Not all professors and instructors need to find summer jobs, but some do, while others enjoy the time to work on new (or old) projects. 

How are your summer plans shaping up?  If you teach, but are looking for summer employment, what do you look for?  

Personally, I sometimes enjoy a break from fashion altogether.   This summer, however, I’m looking for something in fashion, since it is what I do best, after all.  I’ve applied for a few positions in my area.  Hopefully one will come through soon!

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  • Monica Sklar June 09, 2009 10.15 am

    As much as I’ve grown to loathe retail, I’ve found that every time I go back to it it enhances my classroom abilities. I’ve worked in chains and independents, as management, visual display, sales, and stock, and they’ve all had qualities that have made me understand certain lessons for the classroom better. Plus I think the students respect when you’ve had their job, and understand their perspective. That said, having worked retail in between my Masters and PhD, I’m praying I don’t have to do it in between my PhD and a full time position as I’m over it. It’s exhausting and has other qualities I no longer have the patience for. But, I encourage everyone who plans on teaching in a fashion program, be it retail or design or even history/culture to get into a sales environment at least for a while as you need to know what is going on with contemporary consumption patterns and how the product actually lives.


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