Job: Lots of Adjunct Positions-Pt. 2




ADJUNCT POSITIONS FOR 2009-10 (continued from earlier this week)

(This paragraph is a repeat for anyone who missed the post earlier this week–the jobs below are new though) It seems like lately there are a zillion adjunct and part time positions out there. I am sort of surprised, as from ewhat I’ve been hearing U’s were pulling these spots and making the full timers teach more classes. But, perhaps another way this is happening is that searches for full time positions are suspended and instead it’s cheaper to hire a few adjunct for now while the dust settles fro the economic meltdown. Anyway, I’ll be posting handfuls of adjunct positons throughout the next few weeks. I’ve done lots of adjunct teaching. Often it doesn’t pay great. But, it is a good way to pocket a few grand, update your resume, try out teaching a new type of course for you, and polish your lecture curriculum development skills. Also, I imagine for people without  much in the way of teaching experience, it is a good route to get some on your CV before job hunting for full time positions. That way your CV grows, and, you get to test the waters to confirm you like teaching before diving into full time. 


5.) Gibbs College of Boston-Fashion Merchandising


Required quals are a Bachelors degree in related field is required, plus 3-5 years of experience in the specific area of discipline. Master s degree is a plus. Required Skills are Fashion Trends, Sewing, Textile Design. 


Sharon Connor, Academic Chair


6.) International Academy of Design & Technology-Fashion Design & Merchandising

Need someone to teach Fashion Publicity and Promotion, Fashion Marketing, and Consumer Behavior, A Bachelor s degree in related field is required, plus 3-5 years of experience in the specific area of discipline. Masters degree is a plus. Required skills are college level online teaching experience, online teaching experience, delivery methods, principles, techniques, & methods of instruction.


1 Bridgestone Park 

Nashville, TN 37214




7.) The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale-Fashion & Textile Design

Searching for industry professionals to teach as Instructors in our rapidly growing Fashion program. Candidates must have industry experience in fashion retailing, buying, visual merchandising, industry sewing & production, patternmaking & grading, tailoring, embellishing & fashion show production. Reqts include a Master’s Degree in Fashion or Fashion-related field.




8.) Central Washington University- Fashion Studies

Required Quals are Master’s Degree in related field. Preferred Quals are Teaching or industry experience. Department of Family & Consumer Sciences.


Office of the Dean 

College of Education and Professional Studies 

Central Washington University 

400 E. University Way 

Ellensburg, WA 98926-7415. 


Direct inquiries to: 

Dr. Jan Bowers, Chair, Family and Consumer Sciences 

(509) 963-2766 




9.) Savannah College of Art and Design-Fashion Marketing 

Qualified candidates should have a terminal degree or its equivalent in fashion or a related field, as well as a broad knowledge of the fashion business. Excellent skills in wholesale, retailing, fashion marketing and management and professional recognition is essential. The successful candidate will be joining a highly creative, motivated, and exciting team that is creating the next generation of fashion buyers, product developers, retail & wholesale merchandisers and marketers. Strong skills in the areas of retailing, fashion marketing and management, design, concept, innovation, illustration, sketching, and CAD are highly desirable. College-level teaching experience in the classroom or through an online format and/or experience developing e-Learning courses is also desirable.







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