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Image caption from the AP: Italian fashion designer Valentino poses in front of his creations on the occasion of an exhibition of Valentino’s best creations at the Ara Pacis museum, as part of the fashion designers 45th anniversary celebrations in Rome, Friday, July 6, 2007.

Ok I’m not exactly sure when this is from or what the due date is but give it a try if it suits you.

Call for Articles
The Journal of Design History, Oxford University Press.
“Archives, Collections and Curatorship”

Guidance notes:
AC&C pieces provide a snapshot (history/overview/summary) of a design (defined in its broadest sense) archive or collection (or section within an archive or collection) that would be of design historical interest. The author should evaluate the usefulness/relevance of the archive or collection as a resource for design historical research. Some authors may wish to take a more critical perspective, i.e. not simply describing the strengths, but analyzing weaknesses of an archive or collection or uncovering institutional biases and historical gaps and suggesting ways of resolving these issues. Others may wish to reflect on the practice of collecting, archiving and doing research in archives or collections. Archives and collections can include those held by museums, libraries, businesses, educational institutions, etc. They might be accessed digitally or physically.

Additional Info:
This section also welcomes writing on the display of design collections within exhibitions. These might take the form of an exhibition review or reflection/commentary on the practice of design display/curatorship.

Contributors might include historians, archivists, museum professionals, curators, designers, students, etc.

-overview/summary of the archive, collection or exhibition -evaluation of its relevance, usefulness, strengths and weaknesses -length = 2500-5000 words -up to eight images -information on how to access the archive, collection or exhibition -further guidance can be found at under ‘Instructions for Authors’ (disregard the length and abstract instruction in ‘IfA’)

Click here for the submissions page.
or Email Dr. Nicolas P. Maffei, Editor: Archives, Collections and Curatorship Journal of Design History, Oxford University Press with questions

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