CFP: Textile Science in Italy


Call for papers for you science types

Italy, Stresa
May 5-7, 2010

Due date for abstracts: October 31, 2009

Paper topics–this is the call:
In the fire-proofing regulation there is represented the fire triangle. This triangle illustrates the rule that in order to ignite and burn, a fire requires three elements to be present at the same time: FUEL, COMBURENT and TRIGGER.
The idea that three conditions have to take place simultaneously was translated to the Stresa Congress 2010. Whereas the tri-stimulus triangle, borrowed from the CIE organization, represents the fundamental criteria building the present and the future of the colour-textile world: MENS, SALUS and NEGOTIA, concepts placed at the vertexes of the triangle.The Latin language was chosen for its universality and the spirit of the Congress is well expressed by the motto: OMNE TRINUM EST PERFECTUM.

It has to be explained that each word has several other related meanings: MENS (education, research, advanced technology, nanoscience, biotechnology, innovation, equipments, machineries, etc); SALUS (environment, safety, regulations, welfare, labelling, ecology, etc); NEGOTIA (installations, industry, marketing, costs, earnings, employments, international business, etc).

Hence the contributors are invited to bear in mind these guidelines while preparing their lectures. As an example: the design of an innovative textile product, industrially reproducible and economically feasible but with high impact on environment and human health, it has to be considered a losing strategy from the very beginning. These words could at first sight discourage some authors, so a more discerning reading is needed. For instance, if an innovative textile product (MENS) fully compatible with environment and health (SALUS) is initially affected by a high production cost (NEGOTIA), there is no reason to refrain from making a proposal, because everybody knows that production costs can be reduced in a relatively short time if the product is good. These examples should help the authors to remember the message conveyed by the three word slogan of the Meeting. So, do not hesitate to report any weakness in the present state of the art of research work in progress: what matters is to prove to be conscious of the meaning of that message.

The organizers have decided to allot a special end-of-day time frame in the meeting schedule to permit a free, open and quiet discussion of the papers particularly in respect of their coherence with the spirit of the Meeting. The Meeting should not be considered a superior, authoritative source of ready-to-use notions and data but a great opportunity to jointly bring new ideas and concepts to the sector in which we have been active for a large part of our lives.

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